CRC Vending Machine building a foundation of family success

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San Diego. California Compact Refreshment Centre Area Operators John and Michelle have been using their CRC vending machines to create a foundation of family success by working together as a unit and teaching their three and a half year old son John Robert some of the most valuable lessons he will ever learn.

Little Man Refreshments

Little Man Refreshments LogoBy building a family business (Little Man Refreshments), around the Compact Refreshment Centre has allowed them to achieve and support a lifestyle they love as well as earn a full time income, working just part time hours through a common entrepreneurial money making project all together as a family.


Little JR gets to learn much needed life skills he would not be taught in school, at an age that is most important in shaping who he will become as a young man and then an adult. Working with him only three hours a week, gives John and Michelle the opportunity to impart their values in real world situations.

It starts with snacks and drinks, what kid isn’t interested in that? Helping to keep the machines full of vending items, counting dollars and cents, cleaning and maintaining the machines and conversing with people where the vending machine is located.

Planning For The Future


He may not realize it now but JR is saving for his education and retirement. A small percentage of what is made goes towards his future, teaching him about setting goals, working with others and most importantly that goals can be achieved.

They started off with four Compact Refreshment Centre vending machines and have recently added a fifth with the goal of having 10 located within the next year.

With the success of the business and the positive influence on the whole family, John and Michelle decided that they wanted to share their story so others they can enjoy their family life just as much as they do.

Welcome To Familypreneuring


They call it Familypreneuring, and their mission is to help thousands of families create a life and lifestyle that they love, giving families a way to make an additional, full time income, working just part time hours, together as a family.

It starts by guiding families to create synergy by designing their own mission statement, to get clear on each member’s values, and their goals, bringing out the gifts, talents and strengths of each family member.

Familypreneuring creates a deeper connection, helping to bond the family through a common entrepreneurial money making project. Teaching children involved, life skills they do not learn in school, at a developmental stage in life that is most important in shaping who they become.

Families are the key source of love and support for all family members and John, Michelle and little JR are proof positive that the importance of the family working, playing and happily staying together, contributes to the greater good of our society and the world.

Visit their website to start building a foundation of family success that will last you and your children a lifetime.