Industry Statistics


Can / Bottle Cold Drinks 

There are hundreds of different types of beverages that come in cans & bottles including; popular soft drinks, juices, energy drinks, iced tea and water. The Compact Refreshment Centre provides your customers with what they like the best and rotating the selections frequently will maximize your profits.

Traditional Snacks & Pastries 

Bagged snacks, chocolate bars, gum etc., will always sell, and there are hundreds of different products available to keep your customers coming back again and again. New items and healthy alternatives, if requested, will satisfy your customers.

Healthy Snacks 

Healthy snack options are on the rise. As supermarkets increase their healthy product choices, more traditional companies are adding healthier cookies, crackers, and cereal & granola bars to their menu too, as consumers continue to choose healthy snacks over traditional snack products.

Convenience Items 

Anything that can cause an employee to leave the business location is a product you may want to consider stocking in your machine. By offering some of the items shown, the CRC just may be the solution to a sudden headache, heart burn or stubborn cold symptom experienced while at work.